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Hello & Welcome to Vittoria Pacini

Our bags come in several different
styles and finishes.


Crocodile–The Italian handbags by Vittoria Pacini no longer uses authentic crocodile in their collection as we only have 1 left!. Ours , while looking authentic, is actually what is commonly called stamped or embossed. Vittoria Pacini women’s handbags in embossed crocodile is the process of making the calf leather or suede, which is also calf leather, appear to be authentic. For the process, special presses are used on which different plates are mounted to impress a design with the help of the heat.

Hand woven–Our Italian hand made hand woven handbags are tanned with a special vegetable tanning process that gives the leather not only its soft nappa feel, but also the antique look.To the in experienced eye, there sometimes appear to be defects in the leather but it is the tanning process that brings out the natural leather look and is considered more prestigious. In addition, these Vittoria Pacini hand woven women’s handbags have the leather strips woven by hand as opposed to embossed process. It is a much more tedious process of course but among the finest fashion looks in the industry worldwide, and the end product is exquisite as only the Italians can do with leather handbags

Woven–Our Vittoria Pacini woven embossed leather handbags are similar to our crocodile embossed handbags in that the suede or leather are not actually hand woven. This look is created by the design being stamped or pressed into the leather to give it the woven look. It is a way Vittoria Pacini gives women’s leather handbags like these a high fashion appearance without the high cost of the hand woven process.

Metallic-Gold , Silver, and bronze are the most common metallic colors of Italian women’s leather handbag designers and manufacturers. Vittoria Pacini takes this to the next level with our stunning metallic colors such as sea blue, green ,fuchsia and others. (see our styles Gina, Natasha, and Gloria ).The same high fashion style worn during the day often makes for an evening delight in the same or different color, regardless of occasion. Whether the more commonly seen gold, silver or bronze, or the high flying Vittoria Pacini other metallic colors, you’ll feel great wearing one!

Nappa Soft Leather–The Italian nappa leather’s distinction from other leather types is rooted mostly in its tanning process. Vittoria Pacini’s tanneries use salts noted specifically for softness and durability in the tanning of hides of Nappa leather. Another distinction of this type of leather is that it is typically dyed in water-soluble colorants so that it is more resistant to fading. This dyeing process also renders nappa leather a lot easier to clean.

Olivia $90

Italian women’s fashion handbag in crocodile embossed calf leather, our Olivia can be carried either by the 2 handles or used as a shoulder bag with 23″ drop length. Gold hardware adorns this 2 compartment bag which comes in 2 colors, navy blue and electric blue. Imported from Italy.

– Material: calf leather
– Finish: crocodile embossed
– Dimensions: 12″ x 8″ x 6″
– Shoulder strap drop: 23″, removable
– Handle drop: 7″, 2 handles
– Compartments: 2
– Interior: 1 cell pocket, 1 zipper
– Exterior:
– Closure: zipper
– Hardware: brass and brass feet
– Dust Cloth Included
– Made in Italy

Faye’s Glossy $82.50

Italian glossy finish calf leather in one of our most popular styles that can be used as a tote, satchel or shoulder bag. This particular style has two handles with an 11 1/2″ drop length and an outside zipper. Available in 4 colors; Beige, Brown, light taupe and light gray. Imported from Italy

– Material: calf leather
– Finish: glossy
– Dimensions: 17″x 13″ x 4″
– Shoulder strap drop: 11 1/2″,
– Handle drop:
– Compartments: 1
– Interior: 1 cell pocket, 1 zipper
– Exterior: zipper comp and decorative tassel
– Closure: zipper
– Hardware:
– Dust Cloth Included
– Made in Italy

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BACKPACKS – Vittoria Pacini offers a few different women’s Italian made backpacks to our collection as they have become a worldwide staple as an everyday bag. In addition to our all-leather fashion backpack , Vittoria Pacini has recently added a backpack with a stunning and unique floral design imprinted on calf leather.  While the imprint is the same , we have made the handle straps in different colors and also in the same floral design as the bag. Our backpacks can also be worn as a regular shoulder bag as well.

BUCKET BAGS – Just as its name says, these are usually as shoulder bags shaped on the bottom as a bucket shape.Our Vittoria Pacini collection contains bucket bags in a number of different finishes , such as tooled, snakeskin embossed, pebbled calf leather, metallic and others.

The Vittoria Pacini Elegant and Classical fall into two groups but are both characterized by the fact that these are all hand made by Italian artisans who generally have 30 years of experience in the making of the bags of this quality. The calf leather group is the finest quality one can find, no different in exquisite quality than the best known brands in the world. We have those in the smooth plain leather or the crocodile embossed small clutch bags. The others have a brass frame and then are covered in Swarovski crystals , tooled brass, hand woven leather in multi colors, or adorned with semi-precious metals. All our elegant and evening handbags have the option of a removable shoulder strap. Most all are 1 of a kind in our collection, available only in the color presented.

CROSSBODY BAGS-Italians lead the way in the fashion industry, (we’ll give the French a close second) and crossbody bags have become so very popular in the last few years. One can’t walk down a European street (with a mask, of course) without seeing not just young women, but women of all ages carrying a bag across the opposite shoulder of the bag. This fashion style was quite simple to be launched–just make the strap longer! Generally small to medium in size since a large, heavy bag does not lend itself as well to be going across one’s neck!!….Check out our faux fur crossbodys!

Hobos – Vittoria Pacini hobos, or hobo style handbags, are a style of handbag or purse that is typically medium size or large and characterized by a crescent or “U” shape, often but not always a slouchy posture and a strap designed to wear over the shoulder. Hobo bags are made out of soft, flexible materials and tend to slump, or slouch, when set down.. They got their name from the bag affiliated with hobos who often were pictured with a stick carrying this shape bag with their belongings. Several of our newest additions to our collection are available in 10 or more colors!

CLUTCH BAGS – Always popular, our Italian-made styles give women the choice as to whether they prefer to carry the Vittoria Pacini clutch as hand-held or to carry as a shoulder bag. Almost without exception, our clutches come with a removable and often adjustable shoulder strap, some lengthy enough to be worn as a crossbody . In addition, our present Vittoria Pacini collection has clutches ranging from hand woven finishes to bright metallic and suede .

Our bags come in many different styles and finishes (continued from above)


Snakeskin/Python—While Vittoria Pacini authentic snakeskin and python Italian handbags have all but been eliminated from our collection, the embossed handbags in snake and python have become just as popular if not more so. They are embossed so that the calf leather ( or suede) is given the appearance of genuine snakeskin or genuine python.Just as with the crocodile embossed handbags, these are also given the genuine snakeskin appearance with the special presses . Vittoria Pacini presents our snakeskin and python styles in a stunning array of colors.

Pebbled Leather–This is one of many different ways that our leather is processed in the Italian tanneries. The calf leather for many of our Vittoria Pacini women’s handbags has the pebbled effect over the entire leather hides. In almost all cases, the pebbled handbags are soft and supple as opposed to more rigid structured leather handbags. Just for the purpose of trivia, and while not related to American currency, this leather is often referred to as “dollaro” throughout the Italian tanneries.

Smooth Calf Leather-Our Vittoria Pacini Italian smooth calf leather, also called Ruga leather, requires that the tanning process finish out the leather so it does not have a pebbled surface and does not show visible flaws.This leather is often used to create a more dressy women’s fashion look by many Italian manufacturers.Some designers feel it is a slightly more conservative look although our Vittoria Pacini styles are worn by women of all ages even in this popular ruga leather

Suede-Vittoria Pacini uses suede in one of two ways in the making of our women’s Italian leather handbags. It can be the underside of the leather hide, in which this soft underside of the leather is turned upside down so the suede is on the exterior. This results in a much sturdier material and can take away the lovely delicate quality which suede is known for.More often, we use a more popular method instead. The leather is split and the upper grain is removed to reveal only the fuzzy, napped underside. This then becomes suede visible on both sides . This second technique of creating suede results in a much softer and pliable leather.

Tooled Floral Leather–Vittoria Pacini’s latest stunners are another example of embossed manufacturing of Italian women’s handbags. The tooled floral design is stamped into the leather or suede , aided by a heating process, in order to give the leather a unique tooled appearance. This fashion look has been quite popular of late, as we have several styles with the tooled look.

Glossy Calf Leather; We at Vittoria Pacini ,since our inception almost 4 years ago, have always felt that no one should try and dictate what is the “only” fashion, or the “in” color , or the “in” shape when so many women have such a wide variety in taste and need. That is why we have continuously presented so many choices in our collection. Glossy leather is just one. It is actually suede, the underside of the leather hide, which is stamped/embossed to give a total leather look. Not as heavy as the leather hide, it feels very soft and is lightweight as well.

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